We make and stock insulation half-shells in some of the common sizes used in the Oil & Gas industry. These half-shells are two identical halves which, when put together, form a tube of insulation to encase a pipe, tube or other material.

However, because our CNC wire saw can cut any shape we can program it with, we can make half-shells that are a perfect fit for non-standard sizes. For example, if a pipe has already been coated with polyethylene (Yellow Jacket, Ultrabond, etc.) or shrink sleeves then we make allowances for the thickness of the coating so the inside diameter of the insulation matches the outside diameter of the coating on the pipe. Off-the-shelf half-shells are made for one size only so when they are used on coated pipe, they leave a gap which has to be filled in by the installers, a time-consuming and messy process.

Standard half-shells can usually be found only in standard (and limited) thicknesses. With our custom-made half-shells, we can give you any thickness you want, complete with heat-tracing grooves and other features.